The first steps on your fertility journey with us

If you choose to start your fertility journey with the Leeds Fertility clinic, first you will need to meet with your own GP and ask for a referral letter. Your GP will need to carry out some initial tests and include the results with your referral letter to the clinic. Information for your GP on making a referral is available on the Leeds Health Pathway website

It is possible to self-refer directly to one of our consultants through the independent sector hospitals in and around Leeds (including York, Harrogate, Wakefield / Methley) although a referral from your GP can be helpful to establish the background to your situation. However, it is not essential.

For further advice on arranging a private consultant referral please get in touch.

You will then receive an appointment to meet one of our doctors or advanced fertility nurse practitioners. You may need further assessments and specialist tests before we can advise you on what fertility options are right for you. If treatment such as in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) is required, you will be given a personalised treatment plan and your treatment could begin within 4-6 weeks.

If you have had tests or treatment elsewhere it is very useful if you bring results, notes and letters with you to your appointment to help us get a full picture of what has happened so far and to avoid repeating unnecessary tests.

Patients entitled to NHS-funded treatment will be able to start treatment within 18 weeks of their referral, in keeping with Department of Health and Social Care targets.

Patients who are not eligible for NHS funding are able to continue their treatment with Leeds Fertility clinic as private patients. Private patient services are provided by the same Leeds Fertility consultants.

If you are considering having private treatment, you can complete a private patient enquiry form.

Funding and costs

Many patients live in areas where the local fund-holding Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) pay for a certain number of assisted conception cycles per year. If you meet certain criteria, the CCG will cover the cycle and medication costs. All CCGs have their own funding policies, so it is worth checking the website of the CCG in your area for more information on their policy.  You can also consult with your GP.

If you do not meet the criteria set by your local CCG, you can choose to fund your own treatment with us. You would become a private patient and cover all costs of each cycle of treatment, including the medication.

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