June's Amazing Story

It has taken me a while to share our story, but I wished to share the journey we had to having our perfect family and share how our beautiful children are now. This is our story.

When we got together none of us had any children, but I had always wanted to be a mother. I was brill at being Aunty June, but I still wanted to be a mum.

I was diagnosed with (PCOS) Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome, so I knew it would not be easy to conceive.

Both my partner and I went to see our local doctor and had lots of tests done, and the doctor said the next step to take was IVF. We hugged and cried and chose to take the journey.

My partner, Daniel, had to have a sperm count test, this came back as really good so unfortunately I knew it was definitely me that required fertility support. We were referred to Leeds Reproductive Medicine Unit (which is now Leeds Fertility), and after consultations I started taking different kinds of tablets and injections to stimulate egg production.

The next stage was for my eggs to be collected. At collection we had 16 eggs, but only 11 were good enough to use. Four fertilised eggs (embryos) were specifically selected and the best two used (this was the practice at this time, please see end note*). The embryos were inserted inside me, at this stage we were both so excited and felt that it had worked, and I must be pregnant, but sadly when we went back to hospital we had our scan and there was no pregnancy. We were both so upset; I went into depression and had to go see a counsellor. I don’t think either of us realised that this journey would be very hard and emotional. It was so easy for us to think because you are having IVF it is definitely going to work the first time and that you will be pregnant, but it was not meant to be.

After a few months we decided to start again. We had more eggs that were good enough to use, so we did it all over again. I went home had the medicine, tablets and injections. But sadly after implantation and tests, I called the unit to find out it had not worked again, all the emotions hit us hard.

Daniel said to me it was worth having another go. I felt so low and did not feel I had any more strength within me, I could not cry any more. But Daniel made me realise we could do this together as we had each other.

So here we were again ready to have embryos inserted back into me, I even got a picture of them before they were inserted. I took all the medicine again and we waited and I had the pregnancy blood test. When the time arrived to call to get the results, I could not do it, I really could not, so Daniel rang up to get the results whilst he was at work at 4.30pm. During this time I had my mother in-law, sister in-law and my best friend ringing me to see if I knew yet, I said “No”. I had arranged with Daniel that I did not want to know the results until he was home which was 2 ½ hours later.

When Daniel walked in through the door, I had prepared myself for the bad news… then the words came out of his mouth; “HELLO MUMMY”. OMG I fell to the floor, I dropped my phone and I cried and cried and we hugged, we were so happy.

Soon we spread the news, everyone who was close to us was so happy for us, our families, our neighbours in fact the whole neighbourhood because everyone knew our journey and what we had been through. I actually could not believe it and struggled to believe it was real, so I went out and bought five pregnancy tests and there it was in front of me, I was pregnant. We kept the tests on the windowsill as proof it was all real (ha ha).

In the coming weeks we went back to hospital for the scans, I was so scared. The nurse said; “I won’t be a minute”, then she came back and told us there was two little flashes on the scan. We were having twins! OMG really WOW! We were so happy and in shock. We told our families and there were tears of joy, we really had been blessed. However a few weeks later I started to bleed, my sister in-law took me to hospital, it was awful, we thought that is it we are going to lose them. I was scanned and we saw one heartbeat and then two, everything was OK. At the five month scan we discovered we were having two girls, we were so happy this was our perfect family.

Months soon flew by and at 37 weeks at 9.00am we went to hospital for delivery. Two days later at 9.30am Rubie-Rose was born and one minute later Lillie-Anne arrived. Our little miracle babies were absolutely beautiful weighing 5lbs 3 and 5lbs 11 by emergency C-section (as Rubie’s heartbeat was lost for a while).

         Daniel with our miracle babies (that's me in the background a little "out of it").


Our beautiful twins.

Our fertility journey was very emotional, but we never stopped chasing our dream. My advice to anyone going through this is; do not give up, because after all the medication, injections, occasional tears and pain, and the wonderful help from Leeds Fertility staff, our family is now complete.

We would all like to thank all the staff at Leeds Fertility from the bottom of our hearts.  If it was not for their help and support, specifically Dr Rutherford and Professor Balen we would never have become parents, and have the joy of watching our two amazing daughters grow up.

These are our beautiful girls now, thank you for everything… June and Daniel.

*Please note: Since June and Daniel attended Leeds Fertility (Leeds Reproductive Medicine Unit prior to 2010), as advancements in fertility science and medicine have progressed we no longer implant two embryos and usually only implant one. As a result of these scientific developments we obtain better success rates with reduced multiple births.