Counselling and support

Counselling and support

We understand that struggling to have a baby can be very stressful at times and many people struggle to manage their feelings. Leeds Fertility is proud if its very experienced team of four British Infertility Counsellors Association (BICA) accredited counsellors who are here to support you through the times of uncertainty and difficult decision-making.

Some fertility treatments (e.g. those involving the use of donated eggs, sperm or embryos, or a surrogate) involve a compulsory session with the counsellors as required by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act (1990, amended 2001) to ensure that those involved have given careful thought to the implications of their chosen treatment. The purpose is to make sure that the child that may result does not come to any harm as a result of any misunderstanding that should have been addressed before treatment takes place.

The counsellors also contribute to the team's overall assessment of circumstances where progress into treatment may be withheld, temporarily or permanently. These complex situations can involve input from many parties including doctors from other specialist areas and General Practice. Ultimately, Leeds Fertility has access to the Ethics Committee of the Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust if a further opinion is required to settle a decision.

Talking therapy can help you with:

  • feeling supported
  • exploring and understanding feelings and experiences and the impact of treatment on you and your partner
  • identifying and exploring areas of uncertainty and worry
  • considering alternative options available
  • coping with the emotional consequences of infertility and its treatment
  • developing problem-solving and coping strategies
  • making sense of feelings such as guilt, anger, sadness, jealousy, isolation and anxiety
  • learning how and when to share concerns
  • coping with unsuccessful treatment
  • exploring how to help children understand their beginnings

Appointments usually take place at Leeds Fertility clinic at Seacroft Hospital. Private sessions are available on request.

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