IVF cycle planning

Nurse consultation: the gateway into your IVF cycle

This one hour long appointment with a nurse specialist is where your IVF cycle will be mapped out for you. Both partners must attend.


Planning calendar: You will be given a Treatment Diary explaining your individually-tailored treatment program and the expected dates when key parts of the process should fall. Please be aware that our bodies do not always ‘read the textbook’ and sometimes we have to reschedule for minor delays such as a period coming later than expected. This is quite normal and the service will stretch to fit you in.

Medication injection training: The woman will be using medicines on a daily basis, some by injection. We will teach you both how to do this properly and safely. Many patients find this worrying to start with, but get the hang of it very quickly. The medicines are dispensed by a home-delivery pharmacy who will bring them to the address of your choice.

The nurse will show you examples of what will arrive and advise you how to store them. Videos are provided on our medication injections page.

Consent for treatment: This is an important and legally binding process. You will be registered with an online service called EngagedMD to guide you through the necessary information and signature process before your nurse consultation. Before your first treatment cycle, you will be asked to watch some information modules which will help you understand some important aspects of your treatment.

The nurse will check your forms with you before they are approved for your records. You may have a copy for your own records if you wish. The option of completing consents by hand is available if you have any difficulties completing online.  Please tell us before your nurse consultation so that we can prepare paper copies for you.

Please bring your paper diary with you to every visit of your IVF cycle as it helps us to help you make sure we get each element right.

Read our patient information leaflet for comprehensive information on IVF ICSI cycle, the treatment process and refer to your planning diary provided at nurse consultation for information on how your cycle has been tailored to you specifically.