Assured Fertility

Assured Fertility work alongside Leeds Fertility. They provide three different IVF treatment plans with a full 100% cash back guarantee, no hidden charges and all medication included.

  • The Assured IVF 100% Refund Plan includes:
    • Screening tests
    • Consultations
    • One IVF cycle monitoring and preparation
    • Egg collection and IVF lab services
    • ICSI (if needed)
    • PGS - Pre-implantation Genetic Screening (if your consultant deems it beneficial)
    • FET - Up to three embryo transfers 
    • Medication as required.
  • The Assured Egg Donor 100% Refund Plan
    • Donor cycle
    • PGS
    • Freezing and storage up to one year
    • Recipient cycle
    • Medication as required
    • FET - Up to three embryo transfers.
  • The Assured Combined 100% Refund Plan (IVF plus Egg Donor if needed)
    • The first stage of the Combined Plan is the same as the IVF Plan. If you DO deliver a live baby using your own eggs, your treatment will be complete. If you DO NOT deliver a live baby using your own eggs, you would proceed on to the Egg Donor Plan (you remain under your Leeds Fertility Consultant, but receive the egg donor treatment in  Cyprus). 
    • If you have completed all required treatment and you do not deliver a live baby, you will receive a full refund of the plan fees.

For more information contact Assured Fertility, quoting 'Leeds Fertility' by calling 0333 234 0895 (local call rates) or visit: