Success rates

Success Rates

Leeds Fertility has consistently been one of the most successful clinics in the UK, with a high pregnancy and live birth rate compared to clinics, both locally and nationally. If you are researching success rates, there are two pieces of information that you need:

  • The live birth rates, which provide you with information about the prospect of having a baby when you undergo egg harvesting and have an embryo transfer. Live birth data is based on the past 18 months as we have to wait for the baby to be born before they are included in our figures.
  • The pregnancy rate per cycle, which assesses our most up to date success rates once they have been validated by our regulatory body the HFEA. We feel it is important to provide you with reliable HFEA verified data covering all the age groups undergoing treatment, as well as our overall success rates. As we are a large clinic, the figures are more likely to be accurate, and a true reflection of your chance to conceive.

Further information about choosing a clinic can be found on the HFEA choose a clinic page here. 


  • Chart one - live birth rate per embryo transferred in fresh embryo transfer cycles for women <38 (32% vs the national average of 27%). This is based on 330 live births from 798 embryo transfer procedures with a total of 1039 embryos transferred (data from 1.7.14 - 30.6.15)
  • Chart two - live birth rate per embryo transferred in frozen embryo transfer cycles (27% vs national average of 25%). This is based on 120 pregnancies from 329 embryo transfer procedures with a total of 428 embryos transferred (data from July 15- June 16)
  • Chart three - pregnancy rate per cycle by age (data from July 15 - June 16):
    • <35: 41% vs 38% (national average), based on 671 cycles (271 pregnancies)
    • 36-37: 39% vs 33% (national average), based on 331 cycles (130 pregnancies)
    • 38-39: 25% vs 25% (national average), based on 159 cycles (39 pregnancies)
    • 40-42: 32% vs 19% (national average), based on 156 cycles (50 pregnancies)
    • All ages: 37% vs 31% (national average), based on 1355 cycles (495 pregnancies)


Continuing your treatment at Leeds Fertility

We are proud to be able to report that the live birth rates after treatment at Leeds Fertility are higher than the national average, giving you peace of mind that you are receiving the best possible care.

At Leeds Fertility, if you undergo the full three cycles of IVF/ICSI treatment, as recommended by the NICE guidelines, our verified results show that 87 out of every 100 women will have a baby.