New NHS Referrals to Leeds Fertility      

We are delighted to announce that we can accept new NHS referrals for fertility treatment from June 15th.  Our team are working alongside all local NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups to notify their GP practices that they may now refer patients to us for treatment and support.

Your GP can send the referral through the NHS channels outlined on our website (Your infertility journey – referrals), and we will organise an appointment for you as quickly as possible.  Many GP practices are now open for routine appointments (by telephone) and can arrange the baseline tests normally organised before you are referred.

Throughout the lockdown period we have still been able to accept Private referrals for both video and telephone consultation.  For further advice on arranging a private consultant referral please get in touch.

We are aware that the last few months have been extremely difficult and frustrating for those trying unsuccessfully to start a family.  Please be assured we have continued to work hard during the lockdown period to make sure that our waiting lists for new appointments are as short as possible, so we can now try and identify your problem as soon as possible. 

For those living outside our normal catchment areas who are struggling to access services locally, we are happy to accept referrals, both NHS at Leeds Fertility and private appointments at our Leeds Fertility clinics at local private hospitals throughout Yorkshire.  Please look at our website for your closest Leeds Fertility clinic.

If you have any queries, please contact our friendly team at Leeds who will be happy to help.