It’s the time for roses, chocolates, romantic meals and even sparkling proposals. Valentine’s Day is a time to show and give love. But did you know Valentine’s Day is also steeped in history as possibly a fertility festival? This year, Leeds Fertility, is reminding people if they need a little fertility help we are here to support you.

There are many ideas about the origins of Valentine’s Day. It could relate to the Roman fertility festival Lupercalia, or the amorous activities of the Roman holiday Juno Fructifier held on 14th February. Emperor Claudius II also executed two men, both named Valentine on February 14th (3rd century A.D), and in 469 Pope Gelasius declared February 14th a holy day in honour of the Valentines.

The Renaissance saw celebrations around this time for love and life, as poets and authors connected the dawning of spring with love, sexuality, and procreation. Valentine’s Day certainly has links to both fertility and gifts of love.

This Valentine’s Day, Leeds Fertility wants to raise the profile of fertility support and how experts in Leeds are able to support people who may be struggling to have a family.

Professor Adam Balen, lead consultant at Leeds Fertility said:

“Valentine’s Day is celebration of love, and, quite possibly in the past, of fertility. For some people the two are still very much linked, as the biggest love many people want is that of a family but in some circumstances extra support is needed. This is where we come in.

“As one of the UK’s leading fertility clinics, based at Seacroft Hospital, we are here to help people who may encounter problems achieve their dream of having a family.

“Infertility can be a very lonely and upsetting place it can place a huge strain on relationships, and Valentine’s Day is all about relationships, but we can help. By contacting us, or through referral by their GP, we can support patients every step of the way with leading care, treatment and outcomes.

“Each year we help over 1500 families a year achieve their dreams; and we believe no one has to face fertility problems alone.

“So, if this Valentine’s Day having a family is on your mind and it is not going to plan, get in touch with us. We could make Valentine’s day the start of a new journey to achieving your family dreams”.

To discover more about Leeds Fertility visit: or call (0113) 206 3100.


Notes for editors:

If you would like an interview with Professor Balen - please contact: Tony Rider, Communications Manager on (0113) 206 3485.

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