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At Leeds Fertility we help over 2000 patients every year with all types of fertility problems, including early pregnancy loss.

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Leeds Fertility clinic at Seacroft Hospital provides a fully-licensed facility with the laboratory to support working with eggs, sperm and embryos outside the body. Leeds Fertility consultants are able to assist private patients in all the major local providers’ hospitals, before and after assisted conception treatment. GP referral of private patients is very helpful but not essential. Please note that most private medical insurers do not cover fertility investigation or treatment.

There are lots of ways that you can get in touch with us and we welcome your questions and feedback.

Contacting us:

Our address is: Leeds Fertility Clinic, Seacroft Hospital, York Road, Leeds, LS14 6UH

We operate a 7 day clinical service. If you want to telephone the unit please do so between the following times:

Monday - Friday 08:00 - 17:00 on (0113) 206 3100. 

If you wish to send us an enquiry about:

  • booking an appointment
  • finance 
  • becoming a private patient 
  • a general issue
  • requiring nursing advice
  • requiring embryology support and advice.

Please use the contact forms section below (right), which contains e-forms to help you.  

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