Research and studies

Research and studies

Research and studies 

This page covers the research work and studies we are currently undertaking which support advances in fertility treatment.

LOCI Study

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  • Markers of fertility in seminal plasma study:

Prior to and during fertility treatment, routine analysis looks at the quantity and quality of sperm in semen samples provided by the man as a measure of fertility. However, this investigation examines the fluid which carries the sperm. Research has shown that proteins in this fluid (so-called ‘cytokines’) play a role in preparing the woman’s womb for the embryo to implant. High levels of these cytokines have previously been linked to oxidative stress (oxygen-related damage) in sperm. This can increase sperm DNA damage, resulting in poor fertilization and implantation rates.

This study aims to measure proteins/oxidative stress in semen and blood in men and to assess their relationship with fertility. As such, the study will recruit couples in which men display a range of fertility and sperm characteristics, including pregnancy following fertility treatment.

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