Kathryn Richardson

Kathryn is an advanced nurse practitioner for Leeds Fertility. She was born in the north east of England many moons ago and moved to Yorkshire over 20 years ago for a job in reproductive medicine. Kathryn says "I still struggle to speak ‘Yorkshire ‘ and have to remember that a bun in Yorkshire is a cake whereas where I come from it is a bread roll - this has caught me out many a time!!!"

In her spare time, Kathryn enjoys walking her two dogs and for the last two years she has been in the process of renovating a house, and is now really good at demolition but not very good at putting things back together. 

During her time in reproductive medicine we are are proud that Kathryn has achieved three degrees, a Bachelor of Science degree and also a Master of Arts degree and a Master of Science degree in Advanced Fertility Practice as well as attending numerous courses and conferences.  

From her first day on the reproductive medicine unit Kathryn knew this is what she wants to do until she retires.  She says: "I am passionate about the work we do here at Leeds Fertility, proud that our success rates are good sad that I can’t make treatment work for everyone and believe that my job is to make the fertility journey as easy as possible for people because I know it is very stressful."