Dr N. Ellissa Baskind

Ellissa Baskind joined the specialist reproductive medicine team at Leeds Fertility in May 2017. Ellissa is a graduate of the University of Birmingham (Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery 2001) and achieved a Doctorate of Medicine in Reproductive Medicine which was awarded a commendation by the University of Leeds for her work on folliculogenesis in the pathogenesis of infertility (2013).

Ellissa successfully completed RCOG-accredited subspecialty training in reproductive medicine and surgery in Leeds (2017). Ellissa has a number of publications in peer review journals as well as book chapters. Her interests include all aspects of Assisted Conception, Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis and gamete donation. Ellissa was elected as co-chair of the STIRMAS training committee and plays an active role in the education of medical students, graduates and peers as well as patients.

Ellissa works full time in reproductive medicine and general / emergency gynaecology.