Dr Catherine Hayden

Catherine Hayden joined the consultant team at Leeds Fertility in November 2010. She undertook her post-graduate training in Yorkshire, with an overseas fellowship at Flinders University Hospital, Adelaide, South Australia. She works full-time in reproductive medicine and surgery and has general / emergency gynaecology elements to her practice.

She is passionate about patient-centred care and strives to create a collaborative partnership in her management, whilst maintaining an evidence-based foundation through her expertise. Her research studied polycystic ovary syndrome and she remains focused on optimising natural and assisted conception success in women affected by this metabolic disturbance.

Her area of special interest is fertility preservation and the long-term assistance of individuals and couples who have undertaken to preserve eggs, sperm or embryos for health reasons. Academically, she enjoys teaching and training doctors, embryologists, nurses and patients through local, regional, national and international programs, conferences and charitable events.

At home, she is married to a general surgeon and they have two primary school-aged boys. Family time is precious: they very much enjoy active holidays and cultural experiences. She keeps fit with weekly PT and 10K running. She became an amateur interior designer having undertaken the major renovation of a dilapidated 1880 home!